Comfort Systems by Heil

Efficiency designed for saavy consumers! All Heil furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps currently meet or exceed Department of Energy (DOE) minimum efficiency standards. In fact, Heil has a complete lineup of ultra-high efficiency products that exceed the minimum efficiency standards of the EPA’s Energy Star Program. Heil has a number of ultra-high efficiency products* offering some of the highest efficiencies available today!

Air Mechanical is here to provide professional guidance to selecting the comfort system in your home.  We provide you with products that not only make your environment healthier and more comfortable – we strive to save you money along the way.

Check out these interesting facts:

SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio and applies to central air conditioners and heat pumps. The minimum set by the Department of Energy is 13 SEER and for Energy Star, 14 SEER. The higher the SEER, the greater the energy economy.

DOE Minimum: 13 SEER

Energy Star Minimum: 14 SEER